Bali Best Stand in Export Business Services

Bali became one of the most prominent provinces in Indonesia in the export business in the field of hospitality services and other services to foreign tourists.

According to the Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Province Ida Komang Wisnu Bali in Denpasar, Tuesday (17 / 2), during the 2008 tourism for Bali generate foreign exchange, 22 billion dollars, or at least reach Rp22 trillion.

He said, Bali was visited by foreign tourists as many as 1,992,299 people during 2008, up 19.40 percent over the previous year which recorded 1,668,531 people.

Expenditure of tourists in Bali to enjoy his holiday in 1178 average dollars / per person per day, among others, to the cost of sleeping in hotels, eating direstoran, transportation, recreation and buy souvenirs.

“Among the foreign exchange earned from the tourism sector, including export services business whose value is big enough,” said Ida Komang Vishnu.

The visit of tourists who experience a significant increase in the dominant factor in improving economic growth in Bali.

Bali economic growth in 2008 for 5.97 percent, lower than the national economic growth 6.06 percent.

Bali tourism in the year 2009 is feared to decline, given the main market for supplying many tourists to Bali is also beginning to experience the global economic crisis.

These conditions concern the public interest in reducing the world to berliburan to Bali. Countries that had been supplying most tourists to Bali including Japan, Australia, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, England, Germany, France and the United States, said Ida Komang Vishnu. (Ant/Ol-02)

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