The Streets In Kerobokan

Kerobokan is the extension of the area Seminyak and Kerobokan. If the “senior” her Kuta grow into a tourist center, Seminyak entertainment center, Ubud became the center of economic growth with a company dominated by furniture.

Take for example the way Raya Kerobokan, from beginning to tip you will see berderetnya furniture business, interspersed with a few restaurants,image design and also a beauty center. While Umalas area at Canggu, now a landscape center offers a variety of ornamental plants.

If you are observant enough, and around a bit to places where the more hidden, you will know, if Kerobokan also many villas occupied by both legal and illegal.

Had experience of this team trying to find more information and meet with one of the guards villas, men looked scared and thought we were from the tax office or local government. Just info, before the local government had been “chasing” the owners of illegal villas in this area because most impersonate any private villa, but in fact dibisniskan.

The roads to Ubud will give you a different perspective on Bali.

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