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6 Of The Numerous Things You Shouldn’t Do When In Bali

Much has been said about Indonesia. Tourists know that the country is one of the leading destinations in the world. When it comes to holiday making, it is the first choice of travelers from different parts of the globe, for a sun-filled escape. Luckily for Aussies, Bali is just a hop away.

One of the most popular places to visit in Indonesia is the island of Bali. Here, locals are more than happy to cater to the needs of their visitors. Bali Tourism Board hereby advises guests, especially the first timers to observe proper decorum when in the island.

Since you are from another culture and orientation, it is expected of you to give due respect to people, places, traditional practices, and even to significant landmarks. It’s just like what you expect when foreigners go visit your own place of origin.

What You Should NOT DO

Here are six of the countless things you have to bear in mind that you should avoid doing, when visiting Bali:

1. Drinking directly from the tap – It’s preferable to drink bottled water and canned drinks, most especially if you have a sensitive stomach.


2. Tipping in spite of the added Service Tax – Customers love to give tips when they are impressed with the service, the food, and so on. However, there are establishments like certain restaurants and hotels that already add 21% tax (10% for government and 11% for service). It’s okay though, to give additional tips, but there are no hard and fast rules to follow.


3. Swimming beyond the red flags – Take extra caution when swimming, and don’t go out too far when there are strong currents. Remember that not all beach resorts have coast guards. When you’re out in the waters, leave your belongings with a trusted someone and never leave them unattended.


4. Leaving behind your personal insurance – If you’re a constant traveler, it’s always useful to bring along your personal insurance, more so if you’re the adventurous type. People who come to Bali, more often than not, love to engage in dangerous sports like bungee jumping, para-sailing, surfing, and so on. In case of accidents, you can easily use your insurance to safeguard yourself, that is, if the establishment won’t provide you with any.


5. Having a tattoo using toxic chemicals – Many foreigners are enticed to have tattoo art done on their bodies for aesthetic reasons, and this is very common in Bali. If you should have one, tell the artist not to use the dark black textile dyes. These contain chemicals which are not suitable for use on the human body. These can cause permanent welts in the area of the tattoo design. Instead, ask for Henna for a safe and problem-free art, as it is a natural dye.


6. Engaging in a furious bargaining – The trick is, never bargain if you don’t have the intention to buy. Sure, you will most likely be attracted to souvenir items being peddled on the streets in most areas around Bali. Remember that bargaining just for the fun of it may cost you your life. If you don’t make any purchase after a heated bargain battle of wits, chances are, you might end up being chased for miles!


There are still a hundred and one Bali travel tips and advice that first time visitors have to observe for an unforgettable stay. Browse the pages of our site to discover the tourist attractions in Bali Indonesia that you would want to see.

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