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Travel is the Best Therapy

What’s more, there’s little to indicate that we have reached either the “turning point” or the peak of the current crisis. Indeed those fearing “the worst is yet to come” may be sadly correct. One dire global prediction from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and Evaluation (IHME) estimates an astounding 4 million […]

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Things to Do and See in Bali: 3 Sports Bars to Visit

When you’re looking for a place in Bali to watch and enjoy your favorite sports program, then you’ll be surprised to find that there are many sports bars you can visit. These places have all the major international events sorted out. With big TVs and even projector screens showing live feeds, you’re sure to not […]

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PHRI Warning Travelers

Bars and Restaurants Bungalows and Cottages Cruises Hotels Hotels and Resorts Places of Interest Recreation Tour and Travel Agents Transportation Villas Denpasar, Indonesia Get the 10 day forecast 26°C Mostly Cloudy Feels Like: 29°C Humidity: 87% Wind: calm Special Events Sporting Events Vacation Planner Download Desktop Weather Bali Crisis Center For Aceh & its surroundings

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Going to Bali by Boat

Modus operandi for the entry of new settlers (duktang) illegal proved little by little. When raid duktang held in front of Bupati Jembrana, Thursday (1/10) one duktang admitted into Bali with a boat that relies on the Beach MELAYA. In a raid that mobilized tens of PP Satpol officials, police, military and population officers netted […]

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Welcome to Bali

Bali Tourism Board

Welcome to the the Bali Tourism Board, the voice of Bali's tourism industry! As one of the prime tourist destinations of the world, the extraordinarily unique island of Bali virtually ensures a great holiday for backpackers and VIPs alike! From hostels to award-winning world-class resorts, Bali has it all! Come and experience Bali's one-of-a-kind culture and the natural hospitality of her people.

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