NYEPI – the so-called “Day of SIlence”

Nyepi is an important Hindu holiday in Bali one that is usually referred to as the ‘Day of Silence’. It is held at the start of the Balinese year, usually around March or April.

Nyepi is a public holiday in Indonesia and you will find most locals undertaking a day of silence, fasting and meditation.

Nyepi 2022, Public Holiday Dates in Bali, What’s Open & Things to do


This explains why, during the Balinese New Year celebrations, the locals will not work, travel or entertain. It is the reason why visitors in Bali during this time will encounter deserted streets, empty entertainment venues and quiet neighbourhoods.

The evening before Nyepi, you may find a parade through the streets of Bali with locals carrying large Ogoh-Ogoh statue.

When planning for your holiday around this period, take note that there is very little activity outside your hotel, on the beaches and the streets. Shops will be closed and even Denpasar Airport remains closed all day. Only emergency operations for life-saving and expectant women are carried out.

It is expected that foreigners will respect the traditions of the Balinese people during Nyepi and will resume their itinerary in the subsequent days.

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