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Amed Cafe

 Amed Cafe Is The combination Of The Hotel and Restaurants are Located at Amed, Bali – Indonesia. What you select fish and fresh seafood, Balinese and international cuisine, you will find excellent food in all Amed Cafe. Located a little further east than Three brothers, Amed Cafe is very well-run operation with several classes of attractive accommodation, including budget rooms and lumbung-style cottages. Diving and snorkeling trips can be arranged here, and there’s also a restaurant (dishes 7000Rp to 22,000Rp) and internet cafe over the road.

So… please get some information in our menu list

>     Shrimp cocktail                                :Rp.      18.000
>     Avocado shrimp cocktail                    :Rp.      15.000
>     Avocado ananas shrimp cocktail          :Rp.     18.000
>     Qua comole and crackers                  :Rp.      12.500
>     Sea food cocktail                             :Rp.     13.000
>     Sea food vegetable springroll             :Rp.     15.000

>     Green salade                                  :Rp.      9.000
>     Tomato salad                                 :Rp.      10.000
>     Tomato avocado salad                     :Rp.      12.500


>     Noodle vegetable soup                  :Rp.       15.000
>     Chicken noodle vegetable soup       :Rp.      11.000
>     Shrimp noodle vegetable soup        :Rp.     12.500

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