Bali as a Medical Wellness Destination

Part of the Government’s plans to relaunch Bali as the Nation’s leading tourism destination is the creation of the Island as a top center for medical tourism or, as it is termed in some circles, wellness tourism.

As Bali awaits the end of the global pandemic and the return of foreign tourists, medical tourism will be initially promoted to domestic tourists. During the Minister of Tourism’s weekly press briefing on Monday, 30 August 2021, Sandiaga Uno said Bali has great potential for developing the health travel sector. Adding: “We are now promoting wellness tourism as a main program directed towards domestic tourists, persuading them not to seek medical treatment abroad, but in Indonesia instead.”

Quoted by, Sandiaga said good medical facilities were already in place on the Island of Bali. He said planning for the launch of medical tourism in Bali had undergone careful study over the past six months in cooperation with the Association of Medical Tourism for Indonesia (Perkedwi). Continuing, the Minister said: “We trialed this beginning several weeks ago. I also had a check-up. We are focusing on excellent quality so that the medical facilities can compete with health facilities overseas.”

Commenting on the need for excellent health facilities, Sandiaga said the quality of service at every hospital in Bali would continually be improved. He said that Jakarta and Medan would also be promoted as medical tourism destinations. “This promotional program will be targeted at domestic tourists who have in the past sought treatment overseas,” he said.

In the opinion of the Tourism Minister, the successful development of Bali as a medical tourism destination will create a large number of employment opportunities and help restore vitality to Bali’s tourism economy.

“We are moving ahead with the launch of health-based tourism. This represents a pillar effort to instill enthusiasm amid the current pandemic. Later, in the post-pandemic period, we will have become champions in possession of a solid victory,” said Sandiaga.

In describing Bali’s future as a center for wellness tourism, Sandiaga said in addition to professional world-class medical treatment at clinics and hospitals, visitors will also be able to visit traditional tourism villages. In the natural setting of Balinese communities, patients will be able to experience Indonesian traditional therapies and treatments in beautiful village settings.

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