Bali Government Performs Mass Spraying to Fight COVID-19, No Lockdown for Bali

(News from Bali Plus)

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus or COVID-19, the Provincial Government of Bali has carried out mass disinfectant spraying in a number of areas, including tourist areas.

“Today is actually not the first day; last week the provincial government of Bali with some tourism stakeholders also did this, but in limited quantities. Spraying was performed in several places in Nusa Dua and ocean crossings at sunrise. Today we will increase it to several other locations and throughout Bali, by both the Regency/ City Governments and by industries in the Regencies/ cities throughout Bali, yes, ” the Deputy Governor of Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati (Cok Ace) told reporters Sunday (3/15/2020), at Griya Santrian, Bali.

Disinfectant spraying is performed to provide comfort to the Balinese people and tourists visiting Bali, in addition to educating the public to always keep their surrounding environment clean.

“The goal is, first, of course we want to keep Bali healthy and the second most important is how we provide comfort and education as well as to socialize to our people that they can act on things like this.

Currently, disinfectant is sprayed in places that are often frequented by tourists or the public. The public has also been asked to fight the coronavirus or COVID-19 by maintaining health and keeping their environment clean.

“Current activities are more to educate the public that things like this are needed. We can see the results of several cases in Bali, one of which died because of close contact with her husband.  There are around 23 people affected in Bali that we are monitoring and we hope that the results are all negative.

In essence, if the community can protect their environment and maintain their health, then we can avoid greater risks” said Cok Ace.

“Activities that involve many people should be postponed” stated the Cok Ace, during disinfectant spraying in Sanur on Sunday (15/3).

However, when asked whether isolation steps (lockdown) had had been carried out in several regions in Indonesia related to the coronavirus, the Deputy Governor of Bali stressed that until now there has been no decision from the Bali Provincial Government to take steps to isolate or lockdown the island.

The development of the situation related to coronavirus is being continuously monitored and policies and preventive measures continue to be carried out with the priority of course on the safety and health of the people of Bali.

(News from Bali Plus)

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