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In an effort to help the Bali economy recover in the future, the provincial government is planning to develop and promote medical tourism.

During a meeting with Bali Vice Governor, Cok Ace on Friday Nov 20th 2020, The General Manager of Indonesia Medical Tourism Board (IMTB), Putu Deddy Suhartawan said that he wants to diversify tourism in Bali. Instead of only promoting Bali as a leisure travel destination with its unique culture and nature, he will also try to promote the island as a medical tourist destination.

He explained that Bali already has 280 hospitals and wellness centers and 30 hospitals that have been internationally accredited. He added that Bali has been developing its health care system to higher standards since the Bali bombings over a decade ago. There are several health services that can already be accessed in Bali including plastic surgery such as face lifts, liposuction and also non-invasive health treatments.

“It could reach 60 patients each month on average with potential income of USD $84,500 (IDR 1,2 billion)” Suhartawan said.

As a response, Cok Ace said the provincial government will support this idea by promoting Bali as leisure and medical tourist destination to both domestic and international markets.

Cok Ace also added that Bali already has lots of resources including 3,200 wellness centers to develop traditional and herbal healing methods

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