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Bali Tourism Board Tips for First-Time Travelers

People are always looking to travel somewhere, even for just a weekend, and Bali is one of the places that usually ends up in the top ten places to visit. Known as “The Island of the Gods”, this veritable tropical paradise has seen a steady flow of tourists from different parts of the globe.

These visitors range from businessmen getting away from it all for a few days, to backpackers on a budget. Some are return visitors – say, on their 3rd trip or so. For others, it may well be their first trip to this lovely Indonesian locale. Fortunately, websites such as Bali Tourism Board can help make that first trip easier and less of a hassle.

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If you’re planning your first visit to Bali, here are a few things to remember.

1. Tropical places have 2 kinds of weather – dry, and wet. If you want to stay dry, you’ll want to visit Bali sometime between May and September, since October to April means rain. Of course, you may get lucky with rain falling only at night, when you’re in your hotel, or early in the morning.

Another thing to remember about tropical places is the humidity, so make sure you bring appropriate clothing. After all, you don’t want to be unnecessarily uncomfortable on your vacation. Shorts, tank tops and lightweight shoes should be enough, along with slightly more dressy outfits in breezy fabrics for trips to local restaurants.

2. Keep your numbers in mind. Families and small groups might find it better if you book a villa, which offers the same comforts as a hotel, but is more private. If there’s a travel group that can help you book your stay, you’ll want to look into that. You might end up saving more that way.

If you’re traveling solo and don’t plan to spend much time in your hotel room, one with the basic amenities plus air conditioning will do just fine. That way, you have more funds for food, souvenirs, and transportation.

3. Don’t forget to bring medicine, especially for sour or upset stomachs. Unfortunately, your stomach might react to unfiltered water and the like. You don’t want these little incidents to cause you to miss a day or so, or cause you to not enjoy the sights as much.

Try and prevent this from happening by drinking only bottled water, and brushing your teeth with the same.

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4. Public transportation isn’t a big thing in Bali, with people either walking or taking a cab, so be prepared for that. It’s fairly easy to find a driver for hire who can pick you up at your hotel or villa.

5. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen. Bali is quite close to the equator, so even at, say, 5 in the afternoon, the sun’s rays are still a bit strong. Prevent really bad sunburn and risks of getting cancer by using sunscreen with at least SPF30.

There are a number of good Bali Indonesia hotels resorts for you to stay in during your trip, so that part is really up to you and your companions, if any. So, just browse online for recommendations. As long as you keep these tips in mind, your Bali trip will be one to remember.

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