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Accommodation option of the island that is becoming increasingly known for its private villas with staff. Indonesian low-cost labor, a third the already low level of Thailand, one villa with teams of 5 to over 30 people (at the very high end).

It must be stressed that these are not all sold up a “villa” is actually the bill. Prices vary widely: some operators claim to go as low as $ 30/night (which usually means standalone shelter in the hotel grounds), but realistically, you’ll be seeking more than $ 200/night for anything with a good position and a private pool and in the high-end evening rents can easily go north of $ 1000/night. Generally, you get what you pay for the application: there are obviously exceptions, but in a villa with 4 bedrooms available for $ 400 and U.S. $ 800 U.S. per night are different in many respects – the quality of maintenance, facilities, number of staff, capacity to English, etc.

One of the most important things about renting a villa is to understand what type it is:
Villa (original / old style) – Food and Beverage (F & B) charged at cost (plus possibly a service fee), laundry free or low cost point. Villa (Bar) – F & B charged at cost – but the staff bar for drinks that are charged by the drink.
Private Villa (paying section) – all drinks and charged per item.
Hotel villa – style hotel expenses for food, beverages and laundry items. Private villas for the cost of F & B will normally have a higher quality of food quality, presentation and service, but they are also much more expensive. “Old style” villas are usually cleared on arrival, and you’ll need to order everything you need, while “bar” and “point load” villas have at least the basics ready.

Look closely to see who is running the house (managed by the owner? Local? Western business? Local staff who respond to a foreign owner?) And you’re through the rental (either by the owner? A management company? Established villa agent? who just opened a month ago after his friend told him how easy it is Nyoman …?). Each channel has its advantages and disadvantages. If an agency is to see if it has been reviewed in the foreign press.

Also, ask how long the villa was taken for business customers. Villas normally one year or to obtain better service levels. Also, in the first month of operation 6-12 large villas may offer introductory rates below market prices to be aware of their new offerings.

Villas in Bali are mostly around the large area of Seminyak, on the west coast (Seminyak, Umalas, Canggu), on the east coast around Uluwatu and Sanur and within regions such as the hill town of Ubud. They are rare in cities like Kuta and Nusa Dua.

Cantik Villa Tresna. Villa for rent in Bali, new vacation owners, Cantik Villa Tresna, 3 bedrooms villa located in Seminyak quiet and secure residence, just 10 minutes from the beach or 5 minutes from the famous Seminyak entertainment / shopping district. Antenna jl.Gunung No.20, Kompleks Bali Grya Residence, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia. Prices from U.S. $ 285. edit [edit] Long-term

For longer stays, it is useful to consider long-term lease, which can be as low as $ 4000 USD / year. Restaurants and bars frequented by Bali substantial expatriate community, particularly in Sanur and Ubud, are good places to find information about long-term lease, but the best place to go with the trend and delicatessens. Look for a bulletin board with properties “transferred from advertising, or pick up a copy of the expatriate local publication, The Advertiser Bali [4]. Remember the year of tourism villas which have straight tend to be available for short term lease only. In the long term homes tend to be older and not as well maintained as those in the short term. If you’re willing to be flexible, it is not difficult to find a nice home in a wide range of budgets.

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