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Tari Bali is very beautiful to touch the heart, I love the culture of Bali, the people of Bali would be proud of their culture, This was revealed by Annie Brook, foreign tourists (tourists) from the United States at the opening of the Balinese Dance Gebyar 4 year 2011 in Herzliya Cultural Center (15/01).

Dance highlights Bali (GTB) to the theme-4 taksu “awaken the creativity within themselves” in the open by the Vice Regent of Gianyar, Dewa Made Sutanaya with marked beating gongs. GTB was attended by Chairman of the PKK Gianyar regency, Ny. Cok Ace and head of the Cultural District Gianyar.

Brook further because his love with the culture of Bali following the studio “Tripusaka Cakti” in Sukawati Bali led by the artist “I Made amulets” to further deepen and get to know the culture of Bali especially dance.

GTB Events held by the Aga Belega Studio Widya Buana, Blahbatuh indeed attract many tourists, not only annie Brook but some other foreign tourists.

According to committee chairman (chairman studio Widya Buana Aga Belega), Komal Elen Juniadi, participants who followed the GTB as many as 254 people from all over Bali starting age range 5 years to 17 years, which is divided into 4 categories, namely Category A (5 to 9 years) with dance Puspanjali and Single Line, Category B (10 to 13 years) with dance Lean, Truna Jaya and Kebyar Sit, Category C (14 s / d 17) with dance Jauk Hardware and Wiranata and Category Between the fight Studio Balinese Dance Gebyar rotating trophy.

Furthermore, a main goal GTB Komal explain other than to preserve and develop the arts and culture of Bali as well as a container dealer and creative interests and talents in the field of arts and culture.

In his speech welcoming the god Sutanaya GTB in line with government’s program of cultural preservation, especially among the young. as forming the character of the Balinese culture, so it is not easily influenced by foreign cultures. In addition, in order to preserve the culture, Pemkab. Gianyar founded the Institute of Non Structural Clinic name Konsultsi Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to protect the intellectual property results Gianyar Art and culture community.

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