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Buru Performer Yang Still Not Caught

Actors who became a fugitive until now the police are still explore every inch of kidnapping cases with the rape of a child from elementary school. Moreover, the investigation team had arrested two perpetrators who currently secured by the police.

As previously reported, police chief in a press conference participants assess the abduction and rape of a child more than one person. That is evidenced by the testimony differed from each lainnya. Kapolda victim also stated that in accordance with the perpetrators still dikembangkan. Perkembangan appropriate sketches sketches are understood better, “two-star general said that.

Perpetrators were caught Timor Lester named Salvador Da Costa Soares. Salvador himself confined Moyo Island Road after his legs hit the hot tin hujanan and can not escape from the police catches.

To develop this case to be more brightly lit, police continued to interrogate witnesses and suspects. Until yesterday had 11 witnesses heard the explanations. “We’ve check the 11 witnesses. There will be a process which proves that indeed the culprit, I’ll wait for DNA tests, “Bali Police chief Inspector General said yesterday Sutisna Pol.

Sketches scattered with scars characteristic signs, such as depicted in the sketch. And statements from other victims, there is a mention that the perpetrator does not contain any scars.

What is clear now the police have secured the two perpetrators. “Thanks to the help of the community, we’ve said two perpetrators,” said Bali police chief Inspector General of Police Sutisna.

Meanwhile, in separate places, Pahumas Poltabes Denpasar Kompol Sang told Radar Bali Gde Sukawiyasa states continue to chase even a single perpetrator has been arrested. “While a single target (Salvador, Red) has been arrested, the ranks of us still chasing the other players,” said Sukawiyasa.

In addition the schools are also expected not to forget the good vigilance in monitoring the security environment of the school students are also expected to be improved.

So far Poltabes confessed always doing counseling to schools as the anticipation and prevention efforts. As done in the morning yesterday to SD Cipta Dharma Denpasar, he added.

Also justified the arrest of two perpetrators of Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika in the middle of an open house at Wantilan DPRD Bali yesterday. “Yes, I can explain, it had two players caught. But the police could rush to announce because still deepening, “the statement Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika.

In addition Pastika said, during this time many said that if the governor is like not paying attention to the case ini. Tapi on this case, continued Pastika, himself directly to coordinate with Bali police chief. “When I submitted this problem, the police chief said there was a bright spot. I also felt sure it would get caught. But you do not need me to say if I make a coordination problem to the public, “he added seriously.

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