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CDMA EVDO Rev B First in Bali

CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access which is a broadband internet network is now expanding its wings by presenting Evolution Data Only (EVDO) Rev B first in Bali. Indonesia.

This service is hosted by Smart Telecom’s CDMA mobile operator that uses base stations (BTS) from China’s ZTE and Qualcomm’s chipset technology from the United States.

“We intentionally selected Bali as a place to launch the first EVDO Rev B because Bali is the gateway of Indonesia in the eyes of the international world,” said President Director of Smart Sutikno Widjaja, when launching Rev. B at Hotel Discovery, Bali, Sunday night.

EVDO Rev B is a development of EVDO Rev A network that offers a maximum speed of 9.3 Mbps for downloading data (downloading) and 5.4 Mbps for upload (upload).

EVDO Rev A network through which also held the Smart, the maximum speed offered by companies owned by Franky Widjaja was only up to 3.8 Mbps for downloading and 1.8 for uploads.

“With Rev. B, our broadband internet so three times faster than Rev A,” said Head of Core Products and Branding Smart, Ruby Hermanto.

Currently, Rev. B, new services were held in Bali. That was new in some places. “Only 60% of our existing base stations 48 in Bali,” said Sutikno. According to him, the entire area of the new Bali will be served all at the end of this first quarter of 2010.

After Bali, Smart plans to expand coverage to 32 cities Rev B which was previously held by Rev A until the end of the year. But unfortunately, both Sutikno and Ruby do not want to reveal how many base stations are ready to be upgraded and issued a total investment value.

Smart itself to allow customers to seek their own purchases Rev B-capable modem in the free market to be able to access the latest broadband services network.

But if customers buy through Smart, Rev. B output ZTE modem it markets the price of USD 450 thousand per month during the year. This purchase cost includes the cost of unlimited access for a year.

“With a total of USD 5.4 million a year, a modem that we offer including cheap. Therefore, the original price Rev. B modem is still expensive, U.S. $ 600 or nearly USD 6 million, “explained Tom Alamas Dinharsa, Division Head of Device Technology and Special Projects.

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