Cheap Hotel at Kuta Bali – Cheap Price

Standard Fan
Rp. 45 000 – Rp. 65 000
Standard AC
Rp. 125 000 – Rp. 150 000

poppies lane I, KUTA BALI, phone no: (0361) 752974-766481
kuta hotels cheap price: USD. 150 rb, doublebed, AC, TV, bathtub, hotshower, there is a swimming pool

poppies lane no.2 KUTA BALI, phone no: (0361) 750 558
kuta cheap hotel price: rp.160rb, doublebed, AC, TV, bathtub, there is a swimming pool

Jl.Legian Br.pangabetan phone no: (0361) 754366
kuta cheap hotel price: rp.160rb, doublebed, AC, TV, bathtub, there is a swimming renangvilla

Jimbaran Puri Royan Jl. Sari Beach

kuta cheap hotel price:
rp.180rb/nite, a/c incl breakfast was 2/tv/refrigerator

kuta cheap hotel price:
non a/c (fan) 100 thousand/incl breakfast together, there is a swimming pool, large rooms, bathtube, hot/cold shower.ada phone in the bedroom. phone no: 0361-708530

Townhouse Kuta, hot showers, swimming pool, air-conditioned office all and definitely get breakfast. Each apartment is equipped with kitchen and living room (plus a tv & dvd player). Create a family or a go-do when the night really fit here.

Near to the beach of Kuta and Legian Street.
kuta cheap hotel price: 550 000, – two rooms (one double + one twin) + 2 bathrooms + living room + hot shower

Daffodils Sari Hotel
jl.Kubu Anyar, good, clean, complete facilities (breakfast4 2, pool, hot/cold shower, telephone, refrigerator)
kuta cheap hotel price: 200-250rb/mlm

Matahari Bungalow (Budget)
Jl. Legian 210
Kuta – Bali
Bali – Kuta 80 361, Indonesia
Phone: 0361-751616, Fax: 0361-751761
kuta cheap hotel price: ** not confirm

Bakungsari Hotel – Bali
Jl. Bakungsari, Kuta, Bali 80 361, Indonesia
+62 361 751 868/361 754 660
Garden & Pond
kuta hotels cheap price: USD 220 thousand of (double/twin)

 Flora Beach Hotel
Jl.Bakungsari, No.13A, Kuta, Bali 80 361
kuta hotels cheap price: USD. 200 thousands

Bali Padma Hotel
Jl. Padma No. 1, Legian, Bali 80 361, Indonesia
Telephone: +62361752111
kuta hotels cheap price: USD. 150 thousands

Suka Beach Inn
Jl. Benesari (Jl. Kuta Beach before Kamasutra turn right)
swimming pool, twin beds and AC,
kuta hotels cheap price: USD. 150 000

The Beneyasa 2
Jl. Benesari
AC, double beds on the 3rd floor,
kuta hotels cheap price: USD. 120 000
754 180

Bali Sandat Inn 2
Road Benesari
(0361) 762980
Place between Circle K and Warung Wulan.
Hot Water hot water and seven rooms had A/C.
kuta cheap hotel price:
1 person 80.000 1 Day
1 150 000 The A/C 1 Day
90.000 1 Day 2 People

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