Citilink Indonesia 7X Daily to Bali

Citilink Indonesia – the low-cost subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia has reopened a bevy of domestic routes – including seven daily flights between Jakarta and Bali – as Indonesian domestic travel continues to rebuild in the “new normal” of the pandemic era.

Juliandra Nurtjahjo, CEO of Citilink – said the decision to introduce more flights was motivated by the Airline’s desire to support national tourism.

In early July, Juliandra targeted Citilink to operate 200 flights daily by Q4 2020 – a level of flight operations that equates to around 68% of the Airline’s schedule before the coronavirus pandemic.

The flight rejuvenated by Citilink Indonesia in late August 2020 include:

Jakarta – Yogyakarta (Twice flights daily)
Jakarta – Surakarta (Twice flights daily)
Jakarta – Labuan Bajo (One flight daily)
Medan – Nias (Twice flights daily)
Jakarta – Denpasar (Seven flights daily)

The Airline’s CEO said strict health protocols govern all flight operations, including physical distancing in seat configuration, mandatory use of face masks, high-frequency particulate air (HEPA) filters in passenger cabins, and frequent disinfection of the interior of all aircraft.

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