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Come vacation in the ‘New Kuta Green Park’

As a favorite tourist destination, Bali has many interesting attractions. The newest is a water recreation park ‘New Kuta Green Park’ is located in the region Pecatu, Badung regency.This fresh water recreation park built on an area of 3 hectares. Located in the area of New Kuta Village, regions Pecatu Indah Resort, above the height of the hill Pecatu.

Water park located in the middle stretch of green grass golf course with views towards the sea area off Beach Balangan, Pecatu and Jimbaran.

It makes New Kuta Green Park as a unique water park with complete natural advantages.

“New Kuta Green Park will be developed in stages as a green area which preserve various local trees of Bali, as part of the One Million Tree Planting program in the region Pecatu Indah Resort, which launched since 2006,” said Ir. Made Putrawan, President Director of PT. Bali Pecatu Graha (BPG).

“This vehicle we prepare as a family tourist area that can be enjoyed not only by tourists from outside Bali, but also affordable by the people of Bali,” he added ..

In addition to preservation of local trees, New Kuta Green Park also makes type the names of local birds as a theme is applied by giving the name of each vehicle with the names of birds such as Eagles, hornbills Bali starling, grouse and other suitable character. Gradually be built locally breeding birds in the area of this water park.

Facilities as appropriate a water park are available at the place is also equipped with facilities outbound activities such as flying fox, paintball warrior, bungee trampoline and more.

“New Kuta Green Park is designed as an integrated water park, so that in one place the various facilities can be enjoyed at once,” explained Kemarsyah, Project Manager New Kuta Green Park. (Dev)

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