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Expert Warns of Care to Prevent Leptospirosis

April, May and June are months when, historically, increases the incidence of leptospirosis, an infectious disease transmitted by rodents, which has provided a framework inapparent severe forms, such as fever, severe headache, muscle, anorexia, nausea and vomiting.

Faced with this reality and only three confirmed cases this year, the Ministry of Health (Sesau) is alerting the public to take more preventive measures.

Among the recommendations that the technicians of the Superintendent of Health Surveillance evidence, is the permanent care manipulated with water during rainy periods, since the rodents urinate in the soil and water contaminated it. It is therefore essential to avoid the contact with dirty water or through flooding, sewer or puddling in vacant lots, backyards and banks of streams, and prevent children swim or play in flood waters, since in such environments the bacteria called Leptospira can penetrate the skin.

“This is a waterborne disease and therefore it is essential to be careful to maintain contact with water of dubious origin. It is recommended to wear boots and rubber gloves during cleanup work at sites where there is mud and wash the floors, walls, objects and clothing with soap and bleach, wash water tanks, throwing out food that had been in contact with water contaminated, and never throw trash into streams and storm drains, keep the boxes, vases and drains always well covered and wash the containers of dog and cat every day, “recommended the technical management of Noncommunicable Diseases and Environmental Factors, Patrícia Sarmento.

After contamination by bacteria, the symptoms begin to appear 7-14 days. That is why, the importance of starting treatment early, using antibiotics and medication support, preventing the patient’s condition worsens and evolve to death.

“Last year, Alagoas reported 78 confirmed cases and six deaths from leptospirosis, were five deaths in 2008 and in 2007 the record was six deaths since the lethality of the disease, according to the Ministry of Health (MOH), varies between 10 % and 40%, “explained Patricia Sarmento, to warn that in suspected cases, the patient should be taken to the nearest hospital.

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