The Badung Regency will provide free internet connection across the main tourist beaches in Semiyak, Legian and Kuta.

During an interview on Friday (27/11) the Head of Badung Communication and Informatics Agency (IGN), Jaya Saputra, confirmed the installation of wifi networks at popular beaches in Badung.

He explained that the innovation will give surrounding residents access to updated information in the digital age, which will help contribute to economic growth.

With this development, the government will also renovate site amenities such as showers, ornamental lights and pathways for a refreshed look.

In accordance with cultural tradition, the Regency will construct an iconic monument on every beach. The 19 meter high sculpture will also serve as a shelter in case of tsunami.

“We will cooperate with the Public Works, the Spatial Planning Agency and the Communication and Information Ministry during the process” Saputra said.

A Senator for Badung District, Gusti Anom Gumanti, hopes the infrastructure developments will be completed in 2021. It is hoped that  the technological updates will help enhance the the quality of tourists visits to the beach added the Senator.

This article is from The Bali Sun.

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