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G-Land Surf Paradise

G-Land Surf Paradise videos that can be seen in tried to describe how challenging waves at G-Land to no one when the beach is called G-Land Surf Paradise.

G-Land is an exotic beach located in a remote area in the middle of the woods Alas Purwo Banyuwangi.

And it must be admitted if the G-Land has a better waves from several beaches in Bali which previously known as one of the world’s best surfing locations.

G-Land Surf
G-Land has a wave that is believed to be the second best waves in the world after Hawaii to G-Land became coveted surfers from different countries.


Although situated in the middle of the remote – the middle of a jungle with the Alas Purwo distance approximately 40 KM from the nearest village, but diseputaran G-Land area was already equipped with such a Surf Camp G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp, Joyo’s Surf Camp, Surf Camp Raymond.

G-Land Surf Camp

It is said surf camp – surf camp operates only during the course of 8 months each year, they generally operate from March to November.

However, this surf camp still has complete facilities such as facilities belonging to various classes of rooms, restaurants, sports facilities, entertainment facilities such as internet facilities and even the official website released the G-Land Surf. If you want to feel secluded vacation somewhere in the middle of the woods, away from the city, the exotic beaches and comfortable, but still on vacation with a complete tourist facility, not wrong if you try vacationing at G-Land, a coastal tourist area nicknamed G -Land Surf Paradise.

Only by spend $ 350 you’ve got Package 3 days/3 nights vacation at G-Land Surf Paradise with facilities: Airport transfers on arrival, Overland transfer to the camp, Twin share accommodation, New full spring matters bed with mosquito net, fan cooled room, Communal bath facilities, 23 hour electricity, healthy & energetic 3 meals per day, 3 bottles of beer per day, Soft drinks and hygienic water, Use of camp recreational facilities, complimentary G-Land T-Shirt and Stikers. If you want to take trip to G-Land Surf Paradise in just 2 hours, you can use the G-Land Express Boat for $ 125 for one way.

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