More signs are pointing towards Bali reopening for international tourism as Indonesian authorities inspected a Bali hospital to ensure it was ready to receive tourists if needed.

Authorities from the Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Ministry of Health visited Sanglah Public Hospital in Denpasar on Friday Nov 13th 2020 to ensure the safety of tourists once Bali reopens.

Their team was inspecting Sanglah Hospital to ensure its operating protocols in handling COVID-19 patients were all being followed properly.

During the visit, the team from Minister of International Affairs were accompanied by authorities from the Ministry of Health and the Bali Health Agency.

They were onsite to inspect the way the hospital receives new Covid-19 patients, check the capacity of the treatment rooms and oversea the laboratory facility protocols.

The visit was to ensure that Sanglah Hospital is ready to receive travelers in the case of COVID-19 infections.

The Director of Public and Operational Management, Dr Ni Luh Dharma Kerti Natih presented the facilities that Sanglah Hospital has prepared for dealing with COVID-19.

She explained that all the medical staff have been trained and understand every protocol regarding how to handle Covid-19 patients.

She also said that all the infrastructure, logistics, and experience they have, has prepared the hospital to be ready for any situation that might present when Bali does reopen.

According to the Instagram post by The Sanglah hospital they were preparing for the return of international tourism.

“Soon Bali will be open to international flights.” the post read.

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