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KPA Bali socializes PP No. 11 Year 2010 at the Sand Spring

Socialization of Government Regulation No. 11 Year 2010 are socialized by the KPA held in Bali, Bulling Regency, Sand Spring Village, Kec Georgas received great attention by local residents. Socialization that took place on May 4, 2010 concerning the control and socialize pendayagunan wasteland in the village of Sand spring, KPA Bali as a bridge and have the mission to which the public could easily by a certificate and the way we encourage the government to participate in helping us.

Socialization was attended by representatives of legislative districts. Mr. Wijaya Darma Bulling in his speech said the Government Regulation No. 11 Year 2010 is strong evidence both the subject and the object of disputes about land, so the soil does not obscure its existence.

Sand Singing residents who attended some 312 people are very enthusiastic and very big hopes for the fate of local citizens to stay clear.

In connection with the land dispute with local communities so that welfare becomes unclear and there is inequality of land which is not clearly drawn-out status.

Sand spring society create a map that has been the problem and sue on land and on the stretcher that was right there in the spring wasteland of sand and a source kelampok whose fate is unclear.

Socialization is what makes talk of developing on this issue and manage the soil displaced by cooperation or that reconciles between keeners sustainability and environmental conservation and value-added economic and simultaneously have the resources economic clearer.

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