Nusa Dua is currently preparing to become a pandemic-free zone which would provide a safe zone for visitors. The southern Bali peninsula is implementing strict protocols for staff and visitors to eliminate risks at the resorts.

Nusa Dua has decided to try and exceed common protocols outlined by the Covid-19 Handling Task Force. The region is attempting to reach new heights in safety measures to assure the area is entirely free from covid-19 cases.

According to data, most people are still reluctant to travel during the pandemic, even in areas of strict prevention protocols.

Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) manages operations in Nusa Dua and Mandalika. ITDC says they are committed to providing safety for their honored clients by implementing  higher standards of safety.

During a Global Tourism Forum webinar at the Pullman Hotel Jakarta on Friday (27/11), The VP of Destination Planning ITDC, Doddy Dwinandam, highlighted his short and long-term goals during the event.

“In the Nusa Dua Green Zone, resorts will test visitors upon arrival. All staff will reside within the property to minimize Covid-19 coming in from outside the resort” explained Doddy.

Travelers will be tested upon arrival at Bali Airport. Once cleared, a designated vehicle which will take them to the resort. “Hopefully this program will be actioned this December” Doddy concluded.

This article is from The Bali Sun.

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