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Releasing the Sun 2010

Denpasar festival annual event which was held in Denpasar city government, for four days at a time series by removing the sun, on Friday afternoon, which took place in a roundabout chess face, bellows Badung, in close direct contact with the beating kulkul by the mayor was accompanied by the head of Denpasar Bali provincial assembly, as mark taken off the parade took off the sun and also pretty close Denpasar festival 2010.

Year two thousand and ten had passed. Various activities carried out to remove the last sun in 2010. As the government implemented the city of Denpasar with solar activity 2010 in the region off the roundabout chess bellows face Badung, Denpasar. Activities took off in 2010, filled with a parade of dance culture infatuated Banyuwangi in East Java, dance pangelu of Toraja land, weld kancet dance creations of Borneo, dance hegong east southeast of the homeland, dance japin of Sumatra and Kalimantan, and dance from betawi renggong sweet, remove matahairi 2010 yag held government of Denpasar, Denpasar, which closed the festival series has been held for 4 days. Pantia event, held a parade of cultural activities off the sun, 2010, with the purpose of providing entertainment to people in Denpasar, ahead of the seconds turn of the year. Final parade this artist diidis 1000, closed with a parade of gamelan bleganjur innovative, with a variety of unique musical instruments. Ngurah Suwantara, Dwiana Arya Putra, gods tv.

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