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Sambutan Ketua Panitia

The Balinese, as a cultural oriented society never stop offering in such glorious way as a reality of the Hindu sacrificing concept – Yadnya. The offering, they commit, should be in the form of the masterpieces of their work. This concept urges the Balinese not to stop working in such multi dimension of time.

The Bali Arts Festival which is continuously held once a year, gives opportunity and accommodates the aspiration of the community as an effort to discover, to guide and to preserve the culture itself by developing the talents of the people through five main activities namely cultural procession, performance, competition, exhibition and Symposium.

The 28 th Bali Arts Festival takes a theme: Swabhawaning Idep – The Reflection of the Noble Mind, which has a core meaning that the art society should be able to vibrate and to reflect the glory of the imagination and the characters of the art to be put forward.

By such an effort, the support from all sides could be transformed in order to make the 28 th Bali Arts Festival a success.

My God Bless us all by his Holy Shine and guide us to make this activity a success.

Finally, at this very occasion, I would like to thank all sides who participate in making the 28 th Bali Arts Festival in the year of 2006 a success.

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