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Shopping on the Internet Without Errors

Shopping on the Internet are increasingly common. A survey by E-bit, a company with information from e-commerce, says the growth of 1000% in this market between 2001 and 2007. Google also warns that the Internet sales handled R $ 9.2 billion in Brazil in 2009. Are 62 million Internet users to look into the service. People like Mary, advertising and buying online. “On the Internet find great prices, best discounts, without me stressing about queues and congestion”, he explains.

On the web you can buy everything.

For clothing, the question remains: How to choose a model and know that when the order arrives he will serve? Sites already exist in specialized tools to overcome doubts like this. Incidentally, how they evolved. The photos illustrate the products with brightness and clarity. As there are no fitting rooms, measures and tissue type are also informed in detail.

An example can be found in one of the largest portals of its kind in Brazil, which is headquartered in Santa Catalina. In Posthaste, Blumenauer company with more than 25 years of existence, with the table of measures is possible to choose the right size. With the help of a tape buyers can compare the measurements of bust, waist and hip with a table, an adaptation of which is used in selling clothing through catalogs. So choose the right size, ranging from the PP NLG.

“To try to circumvent the lack of standardization of measures existing in Brazil, we use the measurement chart of each brand. There are already studies for the creation of a Brazilian standard, but this does not happen while the table available on the site helps the consumer in deciding the size to buy. Once he knows the brand, it becomes easier, “says Taiga Borehole, manager of e-commerce Posthaste.

And if you do not have a tape at home? No problem. The site also offers one to download. And the facilities for customers online does not stop there. Another interesting feature is the video portal. In it, a model parading with the product, helping the client to follow the trim of a dress, for example.

To keep the consumer and encourage the emergence of new, soon other tools, little used in Brazil, should appear. “One that uses resources in augmented reality. With the help of a web cam, anyone can ‘experience’ virtual clothes”, says Taiga.

How to make the switch if necessary. And if the piece has received at home a problem? There are policies of exchange in case of error the size and manufacturing defects. In Posthaste, if the customer does not like a product or not serve, he must within seven days to contact our customer service via email, chat or telephone, stating which products you want to exchange or return pass and all attendant instructions.

“If you choose to return, just tell which products you want to Posthaste forward and make the return to send the requested product at no cost. If you choose to return and make a new claim, compensation will be made by deposit in checking account (if the payment is made by deposit or transfer) or reversal of the card, “says Taiga.

An essential detail for those who buy over the Internet, regardless of the article, is careful with the security of their personal data. Make sure you are buying a trusted site and protection systems against hackers. Look also for stamps and E-bit or Rocket Secure Site. Usually these companies are reputable and you have to whom to complain if something goes wrong.

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