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Sudana No Fear Fired from the PDI-P Management


People should not be stupid Tabanan, close your eyes, close telingga. Ten years in power, no change, there was even a decline, “sneered Sudana, who is also chairman of the PDI-P faction Bali.Selasa Parliament (23/2) kemarin. Sudana the former Chairman of PDI-P Tabanan, saying lightly,” I was ready to be fired from the PDI-P boards. If I got fired because of this, there are many parties who want to accommodate me and also receive. I also did not immediately become poor if I got fired.

According to members of the Commission IV DPRD Bali, courage is based as long as this struggle for the people of Tabanan. Sudana was admitted, he was not crazy power. He even pointed behind, someone who demanded that the person who fired power crazy belaka. Menurut Sudana, Eka Wiryastuti installed, which is none other than Adi Wiryatama biological children, simply to perpetuate the power of Adi Wiryatama in Tabanan. When Eka elected, he continued, it would drive Adi power now in the hands of his son. “All is not rational. Adi must not lose decadence of their children. This is called a puppet government”, he called.

Further stated, what is happening today in Tabanan, Sudana admitted CCN smell that stung. Imagine, he said, the power of Tabanan is now controlled by the family. “Once his father, now down to his son, what’s his name is not corruption?” He asked, as he said, feared it would be revealed to the public nantinya. Politisi Tabanan Lalanglinggih quirky village of origin is asking the people of Tabanan to choose their leaders carefully. He called, this time, the pattern of leadership in Tabanan began leading to the New Order-style. Because, he says, a strategy that is used today in Tabanan in dealing with political opponents, similar to New Order.

In addition, he also mentioned several cases involving Adi Wiryatama. Sudana mentioned, in the case of land pemngambilan Hospital in Tabanan, Adi family involvement is very strong in the use of the project there. “Project-project who can, yes-in-law, cousin and others. I do know kebobrokannya.

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