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The Neka Art Museum, Ubud-Bali


Ubud , one of the estuary of the culture in Bali. This is where many art gallery and workshop were built. Not that, alone, in a location that is approximately 45 minutes from Denpasar, the museum holds one characterized by the Balinese art. The Neka Art Museum, the museum was known.

The Neka Art Museum is home to hundreds of collections of paintings and other artworks made by artists various countries, but has one feature, ie talking about the mysteries of exotic Bali. Is Suteja Neka has berinisitaif founded this museum. Neka, not a pure artist, but artists of blood flowing in his body. Love of the arts in Bali that is precisely his intention to grow into “protector” of the works of local and international artists who talk about Bali.

In this museum is divided into several spaces based on their collections. The first building, Balinese Painting Hall, located on the front and contains a collection of paintings and other artwork that tells of Bali. Starting from wayang stories, epic Ramayana and the Mahabharata through a unique almanac that became the guiding everyday life. Dark brown color is dominant in Balinese puppet characters in this room feels so. Besides puppets, paintings of Bali with the hallmark of Ubud, Bali, rock and traditional paintings on display in this hall.

Shifted into the next room is a collection of Arie Smit , the Dutch artist who has also bled a lot of help Suteja Neka in realizing the establishment of the museum. Arie Smit rich collection of color and composition of many exotic displays a panorama of Bali.



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