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Top 3 Diving Sites In Bali

“Bali is one of my favorite places in the world. In one of my past lives, I believe I was living on the island of Bali.” – Chip Conley (American hotelier, author, and speaker)

Tourist attractions in Bali Indonesia have certainly topped the list of the most visited places on the planet. Indeed, there are numerous places here that you’ve never imagined to exist.

Admit it, you’ve also heard of the heavenly nature of one of the world’s most adorable places – Bali. The place with the fascinating beaches, diverse rich culture, exotic nature and much more, all abound in this Southeast Asian paradise.

Indeed, whatever your lifestyle or hobby is, whether it’s swimming, mountain hiking, music, or scuba diving, this alluring island has everything to offer. “What? Did I say diving?”

Speaking of it, here are 3 diving sites in Bali you shouldn’t miss:

1. USAT Liberty

Would you believe that this site is considered the most popular in Bali? If you don’t, let me bring you to the past.

USAT Liberty is originally an American armed cargo steamship that was torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942. As years passed, the shipwreck transformed into an enchanting haven of artificial reefs.

Being flourished by reefs like the big-barrel sponges, gigantic soft coral trees, and fascinating gorgonian sea fans, no doubt it turned out to be a bustling metropolis of various marine species – batfish, big-eyed jacks, emperors, sweetlips, sweetlips, and parrotfish.

The site ranges from 5-10 meters deep at its shallower end. The middle averages around 16-20 meters. While at high tide, the lower edge is about 20-28 meters deep.

2. Tulamben Drop-Off

The most marvelous diving site in Bali is here! It serves as a host of a variety of corals and marine creatures such as  flounders, moray eels, Napoleon wrasse, nudibranchs, shrimp, white-tip reef sharks, and more.

Tulamben Drop-Off can be tremendously alluring for any divers due to its well-diverse nature. However, be reminded that its depth is approximately 300 ft,  indicating that this is somehow an ideal spot for advanced divers! Nevertheless, novice could also hit the spot along with extra care.

But why drop-off? A rocky point falls off sharply underwater at the south end of the bay. Thus, creating a deep drop-off where sharks, and sunfish have been spotted.

3. Crystal Bay

As what the name says, “crystal,” absolutely, you’re right! This spot has become so popular due to its crystal clear nature. But despite the impression and being relatively shallow, be aware that there is a dangerous spot lies around the large rock that sits in the center.

If Tumbalen Drop-Off’s danger lies on its nerve-wracking 300 ft. depth, Crystal Bay is different, it’s the current at the center of the site, where the rock lies. But it doesn’t mean that the fun stops there.

In fact, numerous bold divers have visited the spot in an attempt to try a one-of-a-kind daring adventure. Of course, everyone is well-protected. Before you try, be certain that you have the sufficient experience of what it takes to be a great diver.

Novices are recommended to avoid the center spot. Just enjoy the nature with its eagle rays, molas, dogtooth tuna, and an occasional humphead wrasse. Plus, bring a thermal vest! This site can be cold.

Let’s Go Diving!

The Bali tourism board is the perfect page in providing numerous facts about Bali. If you want to learn more about this paradise, just scroll the pages, navigate the tabs and read more! Who knows? You’ll be in Bali someday. Cheers!

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