Airport Development Plan In Buleleng

Buleleng is planning to build a facility second international airport after the Ngurah Rai international airport, located in the district of Buleleng, North Bali, exactly in Gerogak, Pemuteran.Diadakan village meetings with the various elements of the people of Bali to discuss the construction of the Airport, from various parties and local community also thinks, an international airport development requirements were very heavy, but Bali will still be working on it.

These requirements include requiring land not less than 1000 hectares, the location is not more than 60 km from the center of community activity.

Buleleng chosen in addition to the availability of land large enough, the presence of the international airport is expected to menseimbangkan development between the north by South Bali Bali which have been very lame.

Also the location is technically qualified building an international airport, said the Governor Pastika.

He said, Buleleng regency which has the most extensive area and the former provincial capital of Bali, Nusa Tenggara (Lesser Sunda) is expected to be technically qualified for the construction of an international airport.

To support the development of Bali’s Airport north was expected to soon be able to perform the assessment and initial study, to determine whether the location is suitable be used as an international airport.

Nevertheless the expansion of Ngurah Rai International Airport, is still being done according to plan, the Governor said Pastika.

Ngurah Rai Airport every year receive direct foreign tourist arrivals from the country more than two million people. Flight demestik also serve more than two million people every year.

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